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Landscape Design - Earlwood | inner West

We’re expert at providing beautiful purpose built landscapes for residential and commercial customers all over the Earlwood, Marrickville and Canterbury areas and surrounds.

We’re based in Earlwood and have constructed unique gardens all over the district for clients with all kinds of personal preferences and design features.

We love what we do and take great pride and pleasure in providing our client’s with the kind of landscaped spaces they’ve dreamed of.

Gone are the days of wide open grassed lawns requiring high levels of maintenance when you can have a low maintenance garden that adds significant aesthetic and investment value to your property.

We’ve got the design and installation experience to construct a landscaped area requiring very little maintenance while looking great all year round and for years to come.

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Landscape Specialists

Our expert landscape specialists have vast knowledge of native and exotic plant species and are able to advise on the selection of the best plants to suit your personal tastes and maintenance requirements.

Whatever your requirements for the ideal garden space, we’ve got the expertise and resources to provide exactly what you want.

If you’re unsure how to go about transforming your outdoor spaces, our design team can help with all kinds of special features and ideas.

We’ve worked on a vast array of different projects over our many years in the landscaping business and have constructed and installed everything imaginable in every kind of outdoor space.

Our passion for providing the best design solutions for any project has built our reputation for helping our clients to achieve the perfect solutions for any situation.

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Beautiful Gardens...

Once a garden plan and landscape design has been decided upon and finalised, our team will get in and transform you outdoor spaces promptly and efficiently.

Our staff will get the job done in a timely and professional manner with minimal interruption to your business or home lifestyle.

We’re experts at what we do so you can be assured of the best design with the most suitable plants and special features to suit your space and ideal look.

Our designers will consult with you to prepare plans, install irrigation and water features, seating, stonework or anything else you require.

We aim to provide the best landscaping results for the enhancement of your property at the most affordable rate in the district.

So call our expert team to discuss the transformation of your outdoor spaces, large or small, commercial or residential.

A beautiful landscape is one of life’s greatest pleasures...!!

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